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24 Cup, Non Stick, Premium Silicone Mold

$12.99 $9.99


NO MORE SCRUBBING METAL PANS! MAKE BAKING EASIER AND MORE ENJOYABLE: Our non-stick pans cook evenly and are easy to clean. Simply place the pan on a baking tray and fill according to recipe instructions. It’s as easy as A, B,C
NO MORE LUNCHBOX OR ENTERTAINING DILEMMAS. PERFECT BITE SIZED TREATS FOR THE FAMILY: Bake 24 Mini Muffins or Cup Cakes at one time. Cute, snack sized portions perfect for lunchboxes and after school treats
MULTIPURPOSE: A truly multifunctional product! As well as being used for delicious muffins & cupcakes, our pans have other uses. They can even be frozen which is great for sauces and baby purees. The possibilities are endless! Plus, Bright, Fun colors are fresh and vibrant, adding style to any kitchen. Kids love our brightly colored products and they make baking a fun activity for the whole family



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